Friday, May 23, 2008

Paris, strawberries, and stripes, oh my!

I've been busy finishing up some custom orders this past week.

This first order is for a friend of mine who's expecting her first grandaughter. They're having 2 showers. The first is a Paris "Ooh La La" theme and the second is a Princess theme. The 2 sets on the outside are the Paris themed ones and the one in the center is for the Princess shower:

This one is for a friend of mine in Texas (Hi Kara!). She's throwing a "Strawberry Shortcake" Themed showed in June and wanted a set of strawberry burp cloths. It took a while to find strawberry fabric (for some reason) and then to have it shipped. To make up for the delay in getting the fabric I threw in a onesie that matches the burp cloths. I hope she likes them!

Lastly, this set is for a little boy just born:

Happy Friday!


Denise said...

where was all this cute stuff 10 yrs ago when i lived in babyville?


i still have my strawberry shortcake comforter from when i was young. i had planned on making my girls room s.s., then she became popular again, so i didn't. it's a cherry room for them!

you are talented!

Ann said...

I love the Strawberry Fabric. Where did you get your labels made?

Erin said...

Those are all so cute! Love the strawberries!

Mique (as in M-i-c-k-e-y) said...

I LOVE these- they are adorable!!!!

Carlie said...

Stephanie, do you know Mique? She's my best friend from college's older sis. Cool!
I love the stipes. Way cute!

Stephanie said...

Ann: I get my labels made from Carmen at She's in Canada.

Carlie: I don't KNOW Mique but I know of her through her blog. I found her through you :)

Thanks for all the great comments on the fabrics. I never knew the Strawberry fabric would be such a hit!

Kim said...

How cute are those?!?! I love them!!

A Savvy Event said...

I love these!
Would you email us photos and we will feature you on A Savvy Baby Blog!!! If you want to be featured!!

Thanks so much!!!