Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Skyler!

I'm a little late in getting these up since Skyler's birthday was May 1 and it's now the 3rd but I guess they're better late than never!

Skyler turned 5 on Thursday. I can't believe it. She is my little friend now, going off to Kindergarten in the fall, able to carry on full conversations, and just loves life. Here are a few pictures from her day.

We decorated the house the night before her birthday and this is her with her presents the next morning.

This is her new nightgown that she loved!

The next day at school we brought a special birthday snack and I volunteered in her class. They heard the bible story about Martha and Mary and then they acted it out. Skyler got to be Martha (so appropriate, because that's the role I usually portray!).

Then she got to sit in the teacher's chair at the front of circle time and get her birthday sticker, crown, and everyone sang. She LOVED it!

Happy Birthday Skyler!

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