Tuesday, November 11, 2008

mystery vacation

We've been planning a vacation for a while now, maybe 3 months or more, but we've kept the destination a secret from our 5 1/2 year old. At first we just didn't talk about it and she had no idea we were going anywhere. Then, as it got closer, we mentioned it because it was apparent on the calendar that we were traveling in November.

However, we didn't want to tell her where we were going because she'd be so excited, all we'd hear about every day is her asking when we were leaving. So, we decided to do something different.

We are giving her a clue every day (or each day she asks). At first she was trying to guess with every clue and I finally told her that even if she guessed correctly, I wasn't going to tell her. I said she could keep all the clues fresh in her mind and think about how they all go together, then the day we leave she can guess, and if she guesses correctly, we'll tell her.
Here are her clues:
1. It's far away
2. there's wild animals there
3. there's water there
4. she knows someone who lives there
5. we can eat food from around the world
6. lots of people go there
7. mom and dad have never been there (this totally stumped her! She thought for sure we were going to Disneyland but we've been there before. She also wondered how we knew what was there if we had never been there before?)
8. there are pirates there
9. we might go on a boat while we're there
10. there will be lots of walking
11. there are hotels there (and therefore, she concluded that we will be staying overnight)
We leave Monday. Do you know where we're going???


Anonymous said...

Hi Ho!

I know but I'm not saying.


Dallas said...

I'm stumped! Disneyworld??? Wherever it is, have a blast!!!

mel said...

i love the idea to give her clues! i have 2 guesses..San Diego? or Disneyworld? whatever it is, sounds fun, have a great time!

Stephanie Ford said...

Disneyworld sounds like a good guess to me, but I really have no clue. I can't wait to find out.

Ann said...

SD Zoo??? or a Safari type thing???? I don't know and wanna know now! =) Have fun and I look forward to reading about your vacation!

gina said...

I would guess Disney World- epcot with it's a small world and animal kingdom but wherever it is - it sure sounds like fun!!

Cristin said...

My guess is also Disney WORLD! Can't wait to hear where you are going!