Saturday, July 26, 2008


I very rarely buy things for myself and when I do it's not very expensive things but today was an exception. We have a new Anthropologie near by my house and I just had to check it out. In fact I told my husband, because he wouldn't come with me and made me go shopping by myself, that I would not be held accountable for the amount of money I spend. That kind of gave me the green light :)

We are going to a wedding this weekend. Actually my husband is in the wedding, I'm just going to hang out by myself. So, I should at least look good, right? I have a pair of white dress pants that I had planned on wearing but I wanted a new shirt to go with it. This is what I found:

It's so comfortable and looks really good with the white pants. Remember, it's 100 degrees out and the wedding is at a golf course. I think I'll wear a pair of black wedge shoes (even though the top is a dark navy blue or slate) that ok?

What about jewelry? I was thinking of wearing gold to dress it up. I saw these earings and necklace there but they were more than I wanted to spend:
I wonder if I could find something similar at Claire's or Target. What do you all think?


Denise said...

love the top.
i always want everything at anthropology, and come out with nothing.

gina said...

I love the top! I'm sure you could find similar earrings somewhere. You could get away with black- but a nude leather or gold shoe would look sharp too.

Stephanie said...

Oooh! A gold shoe! I love it. I'm going to have to go shopping again :) Thanks Gina!

Kim said...

I love that store - AND I love that top!!!

Cristin said...

The top is PERFECT! You'll have to post what you ended up putting together...hope you enjoyed the wedding!

Amanda said...

I know I'm a tad late but I hope you ended up going this route - way wayyyy too cute!! And yes, you can find cute jewelry anywhere right now pretty much - Target is a good choice and do you have a New York + Co by you? Sign up for their email list - they run promos ALL the time (got a friend who works there) and they have the coolest jewelry. Fun stuff!