Monday, April 7, 2008

new barrettes

While lurking on Simply Radiant's blog I found posted instructions on how to make barrettes so I thought I'd give it a try. I always wondered how they made those. It was so fun! Skyler LOVES the daisy ones and told me all the color combinations she wanted (what color jewels with what color ribbon). I can't wait to make more!


Carlie said...

Wya to go! Those are darling.

elexisb said...

My sister asked me just today if I could make hairbows for my little niece. I heard that you have to use some kind of heat gun on the end of the ribbon or it'll fray. Is that true? I'll check out this tutorial. Thanks!

Stephanie said...

Elexis, I didn't do anything to the ends of the ribbons. I guess time will tell if they fray!

By the way, totally wierd...I just posted a comment on The Unpink Ladies blog about your pails! I'd never heard about them before and saw them on her blog. So cute!! What a small world.