Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"we need an aquaglobe"

The other day I was watering a plant that had almost died (because I'm so bad at remembering to water it). My almost 5 year old daughter says "we need an aqua globe!"

me: "a what?"

Skyler: "an aqua globe."

me: "a what?"

Skyler: "an aqua globe. It gives the plants just the right amount of water so you don't forget to."

me: "where did you hear about this?"

Skyler: "I saw it on tv."

I couldn't stop laughing! She was like a walking infomercial! Where did she hear this? Is this the type of advertising they're doing on the Disney Channel now or is she watching something different when she's with grandma or grandpa? Uggh! The things kids say. Now, if she could just put that memorization to work next year when she starts Kindergarten!


Carrie said...

That is so funny! Maybe you have an advertising mogul in the making!

Stephanie said...

That would be great! A girl after mine and Steve's heart (he was in Advertising and I was in Marketing in our past lives).

Erin said...

OMG that is soooo funny! It's amazing what they remember sometimes!