Sunday, September 14, 2008

Virgo Celebrations

This past weekend was filled with birthday celebrations. First, on Friday night, all my girlfriends got together for our annual Virgo Birthday Dinner. There were only 2 Virgos there. Myself and a friend:

but there were a couple that had Virgo children and the rest were just along for a fun dinner. We went to a new Mexican restaurant in town, ordered a pitcher of Sangria, and just enjoyed each other's company. Afterwards we went outside to talk for an hour or so. When we all get together it's hard to leave at the end of the night because we're having so much fun!

(Inside joke on the pose...please excuse the silliness!)

Then Saturday night a good friend of mine was celebrating her 40th birthday in the city (San Francisco) at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel. Here I am with the birthday girl on the left:

She was in the Harry Denton suite and Harry Denton himself came up to wish her a Happy Birthday! We hung out in her suite for a while where we ate dinner and birthday cake and then headed up to the Starlight Room for a little dancing.

It was a really fun night! Happy 40th Gina!


Carlie said...

Looks fun, I recognize a few of those faces!

Carrie said...

I love September!

Ann said...

Fun, Fun, Fun! I wish I could of been there to join in the fun! BTW, That's a cute picture of you and Sabrina. And Gina looks great! Wish he a happy b-day for me!

Chris said...

Ok. I think I need new friends--or just friends! You look like you had a great time!

Denise said...

friends are the best!
look at the fun you are having!

Emily said...

Can I just say that your blue necklace is amazing! I want it!

September B-days are so awesome, we celebrate both the boys this weekend!

Have a happy day!

gina said...

looks like a blast! Love the action dancing shot. :)

gina said...

Oh and I TOTALLY forgot to say Happy ,HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the well wishes ladies.

Emily, my necklace is from Premier Designs (most of my jewelry is!). I think they sold out of that chunky one right away so I don't think it's available anymore :(